“Either Write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”

by Benjamin Franklin


  • Mt Pulag
  • Mt Pulag
  • Mt Pulag

by: Jabin Marquez

“Hikers Song”

I hiked mountains
through trails, I never took a step
and find the worth of path
beneath grasses of morning dew
but I never saw sign
of someone claiming he was first
for when man walk through dense
other feet steps and path followed him
Now, I can walk with will
In delight to all hikers feet
To all feet that endure
Nescience that left a path for me

From the distance I saw
the grand beauty of every curves
Vanishing when I reach
the weaving overgrown blanket
I’m thrilled to reach the ground
To appreciate the queer beauty
That can only be seen
not within reach but from distance

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