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What Is Slam Poetry?

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Platform, stage, audience, crowd, cheering voices, stumping thuds, clapping hands, judges, criteria, and a piece of one’s own poetry. With a given time to perform, slam poetry is created.
What really is a slam poetry? If we are to talk about slam poetry in a technical manner, it is a form of performance, wherein the poets are given a certain amount of time to perform their original piece whether it be solo or in teams in front of an audience. The panel of judges are selected from the audience by an emcee or a host and can be anyone, they don’t have to be a poet to serve as a judge in a slam.

To give you a more detailed information about the scoring, watch the video below:

Any topic can be conveyed in a performance of a slam. Politics, education, family, nature, love, and etc. can be used as a subject to be presented in a poet’s performance. Since slam poetry is not academic, it follows no rules in choosing a topic a poet wants to present.
People, usually the youths now love this form of poetry performance and it actually became very popular because of the freedom it serves to a poet in expressing their thoughts, opinions, and feelings regarding a specific matter in a way that they can actually voice out what they want to say. Slam poetry also eradicates the unseen communication barriers between radical ideology and conservative ideology.